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Chocolate Pear Overnight Pudding

I have been wanting something sweet, but not too sweet. Chocolate-y, but not actually chocolate, difficult right? Since I have drastically reduced my (refined) sugar intake, my taste buds realize just how much added sugar there is in everything. It’s … Continue reading

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Corn Free Baking Powder

  If you are allergic or sensitive to corn, it can be quite a hassle eliminating all products containing corn or corn derivatives. It juts so seem since it is a heavily subsidized crop, it’s in everything or made into … Continue reading

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Wild Rice Stuffing with Plums and Chestnuts

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! you’re safe, you’re not on my menu today I am thankful for so many things in my life 🙂 I like to take a moment or two every day to count my blessings, I feel it sets … Continue reading

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Egg Nog Ice Cream

  All year I wait for Egg Nog Season 🙂 Who doesn’t love that thick, sweet, delicious beverage that comes with Christmas time and disappears from the shelves before it gets warmer again? I think the question really is, what … Continue reading

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They are super quick, I made them this morning, before going to work. And besides quick, they are also the easiest cookies ever, with a delightful caramel flavor! With Thanksgiving ringing in the holiday season for shoppers and this coming … Continue reading

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Cocoa Post Workout Recovery Drink

I am not a big believer in supplements, protein powders and bars, thinking that most anything you need, you can get from proper nutrition. I resort to recovery drinks and an occasional protein bar, if I really don’t have the … Continue reading

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Turkey Provençal ‘Slow Cooker Friday’

Isn’t it time for another lazy day recipe? Well, maybe not lazy, but for when you’re tired (or you know you’re going to be tired) and just want something simple, that waits for you when you come how after a … Continue reading

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