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Chocolate Pear Overnight Pudding

I have been wanting something sweet, but not too sweet. Chocolate-y, but not actually chocolate, difficult right? Since I have drastically reduced my (refined) sugar intake, my taste buds realize just how much added sugar there is in everything. It’s … Continue reading

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Corn Free Baking Powder

  If you are allergic or sensitive to corn, it can be quite a hassle eliminating all products containing corn or corn derivatives. It juts so seem since it is a heavily subsidized crop, it’s in everything or made into … Continue reading

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Wild Rice Stuffing with Plums and Chestnuts

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! you’re safe, you’re not on my menu today I am thankful for so many things in my life 🙂 I like to take a moment or two every day to count my blessings, I feel it sets … Continue reading

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Egg Nog Ice Cream

  All year I wait for Egg Nog Season 🙂 Who doesn’t love that thick, sweet, delicious beverage that comes with Christmas time and disappears from the shelves before it gets warmer again? I think the question really is, what … Continue reading

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They are super quick, I made them this morning, before going to work. And besides quick, they are also the easiest cookies ever, with a delightful caramel flavor! With Thanksgiving ringing in the holiday season for shoppers and this coming … Continue reading

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Cocoa Post Workout Recovery Drink

I am not a big believer in supplements, protein powders and bars, thinking that most anything you need, you can get from proper nutrition. I resort to recovery drinks and an occasional protein bar, if I really don’t have the … Continue reading

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