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Seed and Nut Cracker (grain free)

Seed or nut based crackers are yummy I daresay even addictive. But the price for a girl on a tight budget, is rather prohibitive… 😦 So after tinkering in my kitchen (batch one and two shown here) batch 3 was … Continue reading

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Chocolate Coconut Rounds

There they were, sitting timid in the middle of my fruit basket trying to pretend they were not there. Overripe bananas, like the poor step child in an old fairy tale. Since I only like to eat them when they … Continue reading

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Kale Mushroom and Meatball Skillet

The darker the green the more nutritious a plant is, we have all heard that. And as far as color goes, you can’t get much darker than kale. Now for many this is sort of a strange new vegetable. Your Mom … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Dutch Fasnachts

Since today is ‘Mardi Gras’ the day before Ash Wednesday, traditionally the Pennsylvania Dutch (which are descendants of German and German speaking Swiss settlers to this area: Dutch comes from the German word for German: Deutsch) eat fried pastries called … Continue reading

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Lazy ‘South of the Border’ Soup

You’re wondering on the lazy part here? Well it all started out with me not feeling like doing much but having to eat like everybody else. So from what I had on hand, I concocted a soup, and here is … Continue reading

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Chicken à la moutarde

Part III of the series: Chicken for every day of the week! Chicken à la moutarde (chicken with creamy mustard sauce) A staple in French kitchens and served all over Europe is mustard sauce, or Dijon sauce. A creamy flavorful sauce … Continue reading

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