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Guilt Free Yogurt Chive Sauce

I don’t like to waste things and have been practicing opportunistic eating the last few weeks. What I mean is I am really trying to only eat what is in my fridge, cabinets and seemingly bottomless freezer. Because, let’s face … Continue reading

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Burgers (or what to do with all those chives)

The last two nights I had to cover up my garden and my two berry bushes with sheets and table cloths for lack of anything more fitting. They looked kinda like awkward ghosts in the morning sun. But they called … Continue reading

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Finnish Rhubarb Bake

This is adapted from an old recipe┬áhanded to me by a friend in school who was from Finland. I have made changes to it over the years and adapted the dairy products to something more readily available here in the … Continue reading

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Zucchini Omelette with Prosciutto and Fontina

Quick and easy breakfast or lunch recipe you say? Coming right up! As you all know I am not one to let things go to waste, if I can help it and from my Crab Asparagus Frittata the other day, … Continue reading

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Totenbeinli (Hazelnut Fingers)

I kept wanting cookies, but at the store I’d either forget or promise myself to make some at home, so at least I would have control over the ingredients. And finally I just had to make the time! I love … Continue reading

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Walliser Brot – 100% Swiss Rye Bread

Finally, I think I did it!! It only took about 5 or 6 tries, and me eating countless slices of extremely dense or otherwise unsatisfying 100% rye bread. Which, if I were a cat, would most likely be good for … Continue reading

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