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Breakfast cups

Breakfast cups or what to do with those leftover fajitas… You know how everything always seems to come in boxes and quantities for a church group? Or at least a family of 8. Well in my case, we currently are … Continue reading

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Sweet & Spicy Pretzel Mix

I admit, I did not make the pretzels. I only made them into something. Something better, or so I like to think. I started out with no salt added pretzels. Why? Because there is so much sodium in and ON … Continue reading

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Better-for-you Gluten Free Brownies

brownie and sunshine 🙂 brownie, no sunshine. Oh yeah, the thing in the middle there? A overly cooked white chocolate chip… I wanted to do something a bit special, celebratory for our 1 year anniversary and how better to celebrate … Continue reading

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Rosemary Black Pepper Socca

Socca, a delicious street food from the south of France, more exactly Nice (in Switzerland, Nizza as the city is known in italian) is something I just recently discovered. I know, right? not while travelling in France, mind you, but … Continue reading

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Apple Ring Pancakes

It’s fall and with that: Apple season! And with an abundance of fresh apples the kitchen is beckoning  to turn them into… I don’t know… stuff. Yummy stuff  😉 The idea for this was partially inspired by my memories of … Continue reading

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Coconut Super-Power Bars

Here shown with chocolate drizzles… I was reorganizing my kitchen cabinets the other day, (can you associate with this?) and found that the recesses of the cabinet used as pantry hold much more than can be readily found by me … Continue reading

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