What to eat this week or some ways to keep on top of those healthier eating resolutions

As I mentioned (probably more than once, I sometimes repeat myself ) most people don’t eat bad because they chose to, but because they fail to plan and end up somewhere with a very empty tummy, a lot of hours past their meal time. In come the flashy fast food signs and out go the resolutions. So here to help is a little bit of a collection of more or less easy recipes to guide you through a week (or two)

wpid-IMAG0803.jpg Four Greens Vegetable Soup

How about starting the day right? There are two options, both quick and filling that will keep you full and satisfied until lunch. Both pack a healthy portion of protein and carbs in the form of vegetables (not what you traditionally think of as carbs, but all the cell walls, guess what they are made of? Righto!)


Zucchini Griddle Cakes

Spinach Omelette or Green Eggs

Some dinners that might come in handy:

Kale, Mushroom and Meatball Skillet can also be made with these chicken sausage patties


Lighter Asparagus Quiche for a much lighter approach on your standard quiche


Paprika Coriander Chicken with a side of cumin roasted carrots or braised Brussels sprouts




And don’t miss the Tilapia Speed Cooking Dinner (coming up this Friday) you need a frozen Tilapia fillet per person, some cherry tomatoes, capers and spinach.

And since it is the colder time of the year, how about some soup?  I like the Four greens Vegetable Soup You can make a big pot at the beginning of the week, have some before each meal, bring some as a lunch with a slice of hearty bread, for that matter that makes a great lighter dinner as well. Using seasonal winter vegetables is not only healthy for you, but also good for your pocket book. Seasonal produce (and in the winter greens like kale and collards, cabbage and co. are what still grows) is more nutritious as it doesn’t travel halfway around the globe to get to you therefore losing nutrients, it’s like an hourglass, once the produce is picked, the sand (or the nutrients) are slowly running out…

And since you want to eat lighter, but don’t deprive yourself of everything, how about a healthier muffin? Super Muffins come loaded with chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut and almonds


For lunch you can either pack some  leftovers from the meals above (cook accordingly) or make one of these salads in a jar at the beginning of the week and have them handy as you run out the door:

Greek Salad:  try it over greens or some leftover pasta and you have a Greek Pasta Salad! Or have one of these Warm Winter Salads on hand

Happy eating!

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2 Responses to What to eat this week or some ways to keep on top of those healthier eating resolutions

  1. hotteachic says:

    Can NOT wait to try the Cumin Roasted Carrots! Bella loves carrots and I am always looking for something new to do with them. Thanks for this awesome idea!

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