Kale and Chicken Soup with Tomatoes


When you come home to bad new, the last thing on your mind is food. I have had a bit of a rough past few days, it started with my refrigerator leaking and destroying my wooden floor. And tonight I got a phone call from my mom: my dad is having emergency surgery for an aortic aneurysm. I am glad to say that at the point of me writing this, he has made it through the surgery and we are praying and hoping for his recovery. Cooking is truly the last thing on your mind when your family is not well, but eventually you do have to eat. Fortunately I had this super quick soup in the fridge, made a few days ago to ‘chicken-soup’ my panic over the floor. There’s nothing better than a soup to warm the heart and soul, when there’s nothing to do but wait…

imageit’s all in the lighting.. daytime


  • 1/2 lb kale, chopped, big stalk removed
  • 1 pint of cherry tomatoes OR 1 can of small diced tomatoes
  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • 4 cups chicken stock (I used my own frozen stock)
  • salt to taste
  • 2 boneless skinless chicken breast, diced OR 2 cups leftover rotisserie chicken or roast chicken, diced OR chicken sausage or patties made into meatballs
  • water

image …and as leftovers, in the kitchen light


  1. Heat a little oil in your favorite soup pot (Yes I have a designated soup pot, I am a soup junkie) and cook the onion until softened and just starting to brown a bit
  2. Add the tomatoes, the broth and 2 cups water, bring to a boil.
  3. Season with 1 tsp salt if you used salt free homemade broth.
  4. Add coarsely chopped kale. It might not all fit in the pot right away, push down a bit then add some more as it cooks.
  5. Once there is more space in the soup again, and the soup is back to a boil, add the chicken breast chunks or the chicken sausage meatballs. Gently stir to move pieces around to assure they cook fully. If you are using leftover cooked chicken, just briefly add it at the end to warm up.


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3 Responses to Kale and Chicken Soup with Tomatoes

  1. hotteachic says:

    This is SOOO going to be dinner tonight! Thank you! Wishing the very very best for your Dad.

  2. If you’re really out of time, tired or just plain lazy, get the bagged kale that comes already prewashed and cut up. In most grocery stores in the section with salad items.

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