When I decided that maybe starting a blog about cooking (I love food), making healthy food choices and meals ( being a personal trainer, sports nutritionist and passionate about holistic approach to food and eating) might be a good place to start sorting and chronicling my journey with food, I didn’t think it would be necessary to write all of this. I thought, what if at the same time it will help me sort through and allow me to organize all the recipes that in the past have lived in leather bound as well as 0.99 cent compositions books? And I have lots of them, notebooks with recipes that is. That would be an awesome adventure and I am all about that! But it looks like there is more info needed so please read on.

I remember creating this recipe for a layered chocolate heart when I was a little girl back in  Switzerland, and how exited I was when I showed my Mom (Looking back she seemed a bit more concerned with the sticky mess I may have left behind in the kitchen, than exited about my ‘creation’, lol)

I love to make everything from scratch, because, it just plain tastes better and is better for you. If you can’t make it yourself, why eat it? I am not saying that I always make everything myself, but I will stay away from things I could not make, even if I had the right tools and would put all the effort into it. I have tried to make everything from sushi rolls to goat cheese to gluten free baked goods, just to see if I can do it (…and I am a very curious person and how stuff is made intrigues me), but more on that another time.                                             I will also stay away from anything with ingredients I can’t pronounce and they most likely would not be in your pantry,( ‘Pyridoxin Hydrochloride? Between the flour and the chocolate chips, back of the pantry’)

I believe healthy food should be flavorful, super yummy and not leave your wallet empty!

Welcome to      Simple. Healthy. Homemade!

🙂 Simone

Disclaimer: While I eat all the things that are featured on this blog, some things I make are not for everybody. For one I only use raw milk, I make my own yogurt from it, I’ve made raw goat cheese, raw milk kefir and raw butter, which are all not FDA approved. I made my own vinegar from old wine. I am old world. From where the approach to food is a lot more natural, and we do things a bit differently than the lesson books in the US might teach. That’s okay with me, I can live with the fact that I am not trying to be an educational resource on food safety or FDA approved methods or anything. I am from a place where things were a lot simpler, and people still remember times when there was no refrigeration. People are healthier there, believe it or not. I am also from a place where your fridge is much smaller and you go to the market or grocer every other day to get whatever is in season and to get fresh produce, a lot of it local. People still remember that there are seasons for strawberries and asparagus or oranges. Fresh eggs can only be sold as such, if they are on the shelf within 7 days. They also are not refrigerated in the store. (I know some of you are gasping now). So here I only eat eggs from pastured hens (meaning they actually run around wild outside, in the grass). I make my own ‘old world bread’, at first I had to because in ’99 there just simply was no bread to be had that would compare to what I was used to from home. Crusty, crunchy, and oh so yummy. Now some specialty bakeries offer bread that is acceptable to my at times homesick taste, not the same, but I can live with it in a pinch.

I did not always eat like this here. When I first came to the US from Switzerland, I ended up getting very weak and sick, I was loosing hair, got frequent head aches, felt dizzy and I was constantly plagued with one health issue or another. I was told, I needed to exercise more, join a gym. Take vitamins and pills. Life started not being fun anymore and I could not pin down what was going on. Sure I got this uneasy feeling in the grocery store, where everything always looked the same, the same vegetables, the same fruits everyday of the year, but I could not quite put my finger on the fact that many of the things sold where indeed (like Michael Pollan calls them) ‘food like substances’. Eating wasn’t the pleasure it had been. Now I know why my health suffered: it was from the types of food (or food like substances) people were making me eat (since I was not living by myself  did not have free range on the food choices). It’s only been in the last 6 or 7 years that my health has come back. Since I started eating fresher, more local. I try to stick with grass fed meat or species appropriately kept (corn is NOT a cow’s natural food) or wild meat. Do I eat vegetarian meals? Yes, first I am not convinced that having meat with every meal really was the way our hunter gatherer ancestors lived (how about the day the hunt was bad??) and second, hey, I also have to watch my wallet a bit here!

This blog is about my journey, the things I make and eat any given day and I am chronicling my life through food. Again, I am not instructing anyone to make the recipes. And if you feel that you’d rather handle food differently than me, it’s a free world, go ahead 🙂

I eat a certain way and write about it here. If this is not something that you agree with, then please just do so quietly, this blog is for me and like minded people to share their passion and experiences, if this is not your thing, be polite and move on.


Love to all

17 Responses to About

  1. Angie Anderson says:

    Hi Simone! I;m loving your recipes and I hear your voice when I read them! I am now a vegetarian (still eat dairy and eggs though) and gluten free! I’m going to try your veggie lasagna soon as it looks delish!!! Miss you!


  2. Meret says:

    Ciao Simone, I’m glad you are blogging! I will enjoy trying your recipes.

  3. Jenn M says:

    You are my idol! Will you move in with me and be my chef? 😉 I love Rocco, but his idea of a meal is either pasta or steak!

  4. Meret says:

    I am still enjoying your blog and recipes very much. I know, you know, I know where you are coming from! Wish your were closer by.

  5. I came across your blog through a search of Swiss cookie recipes. Thanks for posting. You have lots of delicious recipes. I grew up in a Swiss-American home where there were lots of homemade goodies that were healthful – many with origins in Switzerland. So many of these of my soul food. Greetings from north of the Arctic Circle.

  6. Danielle says:

    Do you have a recipe for Apple Beignets using yeast but is sweeter?

  7. April Murray says:

    Simone your blog looks great! I look forward to following you 😉

  8. Denise says:

    Hi Simone-wow your English is great! I am from Zurich but have lived in California since I was 9. I have the recipes for your Christmas cookies but not in American ingredients/measurements so I really appreciate your hard work in translating everything. I couldn’t wait to read your translation for the word “Brunsli” but couldn’t find it anywhere! Haha-I’m just teasing you !

    Thanks again Denise

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