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Lard Pie Crust (tarte au poire – Pear Rhubarb Tarte)

Yep, I do cook with old fashioned ingredients. I find that sometimes, there just isn’t anything that makes it better. Of course, you could use butter and get pretty good results, but this crust has a tenderness, is flaky yet … Continue reading

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Making Yogurt

Blueberry Yogurt When I first moved to the USA, I really really missed Yogurt from back home. I know there are things at the store under that label, but to me, they tasted funny and having an ingredient list no … Continue reading

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Grilled Pizza

With it being unseasonably warm again this past weekend, (as a disclaimer, I haven’t actually checked the average temperature this time a year, but somehow got used to the more frosty temperatures) I wanted to take advantage of my grill … Continue reading

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Harvest time or how to winterize your pantry

All the leaves are already past full color or already gone and I am enjoying the last couple of warm days ( presumably) until spring. It’s Fall and with Winter fastly approaching, I am going a bit into storage mode here. … Continue reading

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Beans and how I cook them

Soaking the beans in plenty of water overnight is essential With making most things from scratch, the question sooner or later arises: What about beans? As I have mentioned before, I do cook my own beans and then package them … Continue reading

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Potato Gnocchi

With the cooler weather, the desire for more substantial foods comes back as well. Thicker sauces and thicker sweaters are a hand in hand occurence in this house. I crave different foods when the weather changes, and a good plate … Continue reading

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