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Braised Collard Greens with Garlic

To accompany the traditional Brazilian dish, Feijoada Completa, you need some garlicy collards to round out your meal. And just because we all can use more dark leafy greens in out everyday diet and it is soooo tasty prepared this … Continue reading

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Green Monster Power Smoothie

No pretty pictures, I know, but healthy and yummy none the less 🙂 There are great benefits to eating lots of greens, yes, you all heard it before, but some days it is hard to fit all that healthy stuff … Continue reading

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Four Greens Vegetable Soup

Today I got myself a Crinkle Cutter! I know, I know that might not sound very exiting for you, but I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets, especially when they are on sale. And it just so happened that my … Continue reading

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